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Teaming up with fate

See someone you like in the street? Question is, are they single, are they looking, do they like you? The list of questions goes on… with Encounter you don’t need to ask a single question because the app does all the hard work for you, leaving you to relax and go about your day as normal. If you’re meant to be, you’ll match!

Find Your Match

Encounter is unique. You’ll meet your match before you know anything about them. This way you’ll only be chatting to people that you have a real genuine connection with. When you’re nearby to your match,
Encounter will alert you and, for the first time, you’ll see their photo so that you can pick them out from the crowd. You’ll also see approach preferences such as “give me a wave” and an ice breaker option such as “give me your best chat up line” If you both feel a spark, hit the green tick to accept your match!


A successful match unlocks the chat feature! You already know what they look like, now the exciting part of getting to know them begins. You can also share videos and photos. All this from the comfort of your mobile”


It’s not all about looks! We want to match you on a personality level. Encounter’s filters are designed to help you find someone very special who you really click with, or even a potential soulmate. Enter basic preferences plus a large range of advanced filters. Add approach preferences and ice breaker options so that your match knows how best to interact with you when you meet.

Get Access to More Filters With Premium Package

Premium matches

Find your ideal partner with advanced preferences

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Edit your previous match decisions

Premium filters

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Rolling contract

You can cancel anytime with no fee

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Encounter? It is a mobile Dating App designed to match you with potential life partners or soulmates!
  • Where did the idea come from? Ask yourself this, how would you know if your perfect match passed you by in the street? Encounter is designed to stop this from happening and help you seize the opportunity! 
  • How does it work? Through geolocating software, the app will know if you’re close to someone who matches your preferences! 
  • What happens when I match? You’ll both get a unique notification (So you know it’s Encounter) You’ll then be shown a picture of your match so you can pick them out from the crowd. You’ll then have the option to accept or decline the match. The rest is up to you! Why not say hi? If you’re busy, you can talk to them later on the app! If you both accept each other, in app communication will be unlocked! 
  • How long will I have to accept my Match? 24 hours.
  • Can I switch matching off if I’m in an important meeting etc? Of course! Silencing your phone will also silence matching. You’ll also be able to switch off matching, however, the only important part is that you see their face! The rest you can do later! 
  • Can I use it for free? Of course! You can download, enter basic preferences, match and chat all free of charge! For advanced preferences, designed to match you on a deeper level, you’ll need the premium option. 
  • How can I delete my account? You could simply go to your profile and click on delete account.